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Thoughts On A Bad Week

Hey everyone, how have you being? It’s being a while, I know. Lack of motivation on my part ( hey, at least I’m honest! )

The last week has frankly… not the being the best of weeks in the Adrian Collins camp. I’m not ill or anything like that, thankfully. It’s just some things didn’t work out for me, that’s all.

Firstly and regretfully, I am announcing that I will be missing my ‘ Project Getaway ‘ deadline that I set last November. There is really only one reason; Money. I know that many people adovcate that money doesn’t mean everything but I still believe in at least having some sort of cousion when I do get to Australia.

On that topic, the new date of departure will be early next year, probably something before Mid-Feburary. Truth be told I’m rather disapointed in myself that I will be missing the deadline, I built myself so much up for it only to miss it over something as petty as money! However, there is a minimum required to enter Australia ( Yes, I know they hardly check but better safe than sorry and it always helps to have something of a cushion to land on. ) I would be barely scrapping it as it is if I went in November.

On the other hand, at least I’ll be at home in case the world ends on December 21st! 😛

There was also another event that occurred this week that made the suck even worse. However, I don’t think I should talk about it as a mark of respect to all those effected. I will say it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to endure.

What To Make Of All This

The last week sucked, there is no denying that. I was a bit down in the dumps over eveything that occurred but my world hasn’t ended. I’ve come out on the other side in one piece, maybe feeling a little sad but I’m still here.

I accept that these things happen. Maybe it’s lifes way of kicking me up the hole, so to speak. I’ve also learnt a bit about myself; I’m more resilliant than I’ve ever being. The same series of events would have broken me if they happened when I was 16. Now, while still upsetting, I knew that I would get through them and come out the other side, a better person for it as well.

Life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works at times. Each and everyone of us has to endure these kind of challenges in life. It’s how we react to them is what will define us. Will you fall to pieces or will you rise up and become a better person?

Reflections on Death

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011.

This is a bit of an spontaneous impromptu post brought upon by the Death of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple. I wish to thank you for the innovations you help bring to the world, Steve. Rest In Peace.

I am well aware of the recent passing of Steve Jobs, it was kind of sudden even for me ( truth be told, I was in the middle of watching a Let’s Play of Super Mario World when I heard the news! ) It makes you think about death and life, well it does for me.

The thing is, we’re all going to die, we are not invincible. People spend their entire lives in denial over their incoming death. We could die young, we could die old, it is something we can never know.

When you consider this, you have to wonder why so many people spend so much of their lives being essentially slaves, be it to a spouse, a loan, a job, a system, etc. They think they if they spend 40 years being a good servant to the system they’ll be able to live out their final years in peace. Truth is, it doesn’t always happen that way, as evidenced by the passing of Steve Jobs. I’m sure that many people know someone who died suddenly with their lives ahead of them.

When the time comes to bury a loved one ( it WILL happen ) let the tears flow, let it all out. Don’t hold back. Remember, its a part of life to die. Its a time of mourning, a time where norms and prejudices get a least suspended so that everyone can come together to comfort one another. Its a time of questioning, be of your actions around this person ( tip: we will all have regrets ) and how you are living your life.

It should also be time of joy. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy but we why do you think a funeral is usually referred to as a celebration of the person’s life? Yes, its a time to be sad that this person is no longer going to be around but we what we will always have is the memories of that person will be in our hearts forever.

Life really is precious. It just seems that in witnessing the passing of someone can have a profound effect on a person. They vow to become better people and make the most of what they have right now. Then, life gets in the way and they forget about these reflections and get back into a grind of life.

We really shouldn’t forget these thoughts. A death in the family is a hard thing to cope with but truthfully, it will happen. Its a horrible time, no doubt and a huge disruption to a persons life among things. BUT maybe its make the doctor ordered. It forces people to slow down, even if only briefly and question life. Some will come out of the episode with a renewed vigor for life, some may not.

We all die, its a natural part of the cycle. I accept it as such. Embrace the life you have and make the most of it, that is what I say.