Australia – The Whys


Pretty soon, I will be embarking on the biggest and scariest adventure of my life. The type of adventure that will change me so much that I will not be the same person when it is over. A once in a life time type of adventure so, you may say. I’ve spoken of it before.

Yup, I am going to Australia. I’m just going to say that my date of departure is early next year. Mainly owing to the fact to quote a friend ‘ How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans! 😀 ‘ ( I’ll announce the date when it is 100% set in stone! )

But anyway, that is beside the point, in this post, I feel the need to highlight my WHY’S am I doing this. So, lets talk about them, shall we?

1. To Grow

This is something I need to do in order for me to grow. I feel that if I stay in Ireland, I would only be hindering my own personal growth in so many ways. That’s not saying I can’t grow in Ireland, only that it is hindered. There are various reasons why, be it cultural, economical and maybe even just down to me as well.

2. I need the kick up the hole!

I’ve had some well meaning relatives and friends tell me that I should really be considering what I am doing. That Australia isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and money trees and I won’t have the same support structure as I would have at home. Of course I bloody know that!

I am lacking motivation where I am at present and I feel I really do need to put myself into a sink or swim situation to motivate me, help me grow and help me become more independent as a person. You see, I am too comfortable here in Ireland, I need to go outside my comfort zone in order to grow. I’ve being able to work things out in the past, who said I won’t be able to do so now?

3. The Adventure!

Despite appearances  I can actually be adventurous when I want to. In fact, some of my best memories come from me being adventurous. Likewise, some of my loneliest, most painful experiences steam from the fact I wasn’t adventurous enough.

I like big adventures, even if it’s only going to meet someone from an online blog. I’ve gone on solo trips in the past ( them in themselves, adventures. ) But this is one of the Big Daddy’s of adventures for me in my life so far. One that takes me outside of my comfort zone, places me in a strange environment far removed from home for an extended period of time.

You could call it a rite of passage every young person should do, go on a big adventure. This will be mine ( hopefully the first of many big adventures like this! )

4. I’ve Actually Always Wanted To Go To Australia

I’m not one of those people who is going there just because the job market here in Ireland is dead, I’ve actually wanted to do this since I was young. Australia always seemed like this cool, awesome place that is so far removed from where I lived. With actual consistent weather ( mostly warm! ) and an interesting culture.

Also hearing stories of people I knew who have gone to Australia before me just increased this hunger. You could say it’s being a bit of a life long dream to go to Australia and now, I am finally actually going to do it.
So there are just a few reasons as to why I am going to Australia. It’s an adventure I am quite looking forward to and will keep you up to date on it in this regard.



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