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Staying True to My Theme of 2012

I’ve being slacking off lately, I admit this ( well, I DID say that the release Street Fighter X Tekken would effect my posts here for a while ) I’m still nowhere near wanting to wake up at 7am in the morning ( maybe I was being too ambitious with that goal perhaps? ) and other things, like saving for Oz, have slowed down a bit unfortunately.

However, I can that maybe the last few months were meant as a peroid where I was germinating internally. Who knows, I’m the type of person who takes some time to come around but when I do, the progress can be remarkable in a very short peroid of time. For example, If I was given a 6 week project, you can count on me making slow progress until week 4, after that, you will see my productactivity sky rocket which will result in me finishing the project on time.

So, there are a few things in the pipeline but generally speaking, I am doing my best to stay true to my theme for 2012 which is Upsetting the Status Quo. It’s kind of funny really, I could do nothing for ages but then something comes along and causes massive changes with something as simple as pressing the ‘ return ‘ key on my laptop ( I’ll elaborate on this in a future post. )

As for the whole no drinking thing, I’ve managed to stay true to myself and my goal of a drink free 2012 by NOT drinking at all this St Patrick’s weekend just gone. To be honest, I feel like I wasn’t really missing out on much anyway. For one thing, the bars I was in were in absolute chaos, even though I left early as I was sick of it at that stage. Then there was the amount of litter and broken glass strewn around the town. Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t do anything like ( hell, even when I DID drink, St Patrick’s Day was nowhere near this messy for me. )

I guess I can say that changes are happening slowly and maybe it was just the fact that Winter is over and Spring is here now so maybe things will pick up a pace a little. However, I will to those who are in a similar position to me in regards to change and are not happy with thier progress: Don’t sweat it, people grow at different rates, your day in the sun will come.

The Year of No Drinking – First Report

Well, we are now in March and it has being just over 2 months since my last drink on New Years Eve. I’d thought I’d give a report on my progress and on what has changed.

I a still going strong, I’m glad to report, though there were a few times where I was tempted but I keep this place in mind, I simply do not want to report that I’ve let people down which is stengthening my resolve in this regard.

It isn’t easy though. For one thing, getting plastered is the default thing many people do at weekends ( be it at home or at the bar ) and aside from that, there are not really many socail oppurtunities. I did go out once since, not drinking of course and it was a crap night. I’ve enjoyed myself sober in the past but I’m now noticing that even the smell of certain alcoholic drinks is digusting me.

Them, connected to my goal of going to Oz later this year, I’ve become a bit of a hermit. In other words, I haven’t being out in a socail setting much. It kind of sucks but the payoff will be worth it in the end ( I hope! ) For now, I’m just keeping myself occuppied with online gaming and the fighting game community ( on that, a word of warning, Street Fighter X Tekken is coming out this week, this will probably effect my posts here for a while! )

Good thing there are still tournaments being run but I feel so much could be done than what currently is being done. I wish for something more progressive, maybe I should take it as a means to innovate more.

Regardless, I’m still saving a lot of money and am slowly working towards my goals. It’s slow but I am getting there and I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to entertain no drinking for the rest of the year as well.