On Shyness & Introversion

There was a time when I would have described myself as being ‘ shy. ‘ The truth was, I was never really that shy at all. I was the brash, hyperactive child who couldn’t sit down for 5 minutes and was always yapping away about random kids things. Point is, I’m more of an introvert as opposed to being a shy person. Yes, they are both different things and are not mutually exclusive.

An introvert likes or rather, needs to spend a lot of time on their own. An introvert feels drained if they are placed into a strange social situation. Introverts can also be very ‘ floaty ‘ in the way I don’t like hanging around one group generally in a social setting, opting to go around the room, casually talking to people.

An introvert very much tends to live ‘ in their head ‘ so to speak. I mean that we live in an inner world that can be just as rich and complex as the rich around us. I don’t mean that an introvert doesn’t know the difference between that and reality, its just the way we roll.

Life in an ‘ extroverted ‘ world for be hard for us. We’re told we need to have a billion friends, go out and get smashed every weekend and all that. This makes us feel bad when we neither don’t want or really need these things. Some of us become very depressed over this, others use as a motivator to do something different from the norm.

I guess the good about the introvert is that by default, we reject the norm. We wish to make our own way through life, not just do the whole ‘ packaged life ‘ thing. That is not for us, we think ‘ how boring ‘ and we go off on our latest adventure.

All in all, introversion and shyness are not the same thing. Someone by a shy extrovert and be an extroverted introvert. Its paradox, perhaps but that is life, it ain’t black and white!


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  1. I can sympathise with this a lot. Sometimes I feel I can be the most extroverted, outgoing and confident person in the world and then at times I want nothing more than to be alone.

    Interesting to see how this complexity lives in you.

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