The Facebook Cull & Letting Go of the Past

Grave of the Facebook Friends who fell during the cull of December 2011. Yes, I drew it myself and yes, I can do better than this, it was only a quick drawing!

It might seem like a trival exercise to some but I recently did a cull of friends on facebook, that socail networking site that I’m sure some of you are familiar with. It was actually the first time in my 3 years of having an active facebook account I did it, the exercise was actually kind of signifficant

It was something that I’ve being meaning to do but haven’t done so for a long time. I was going to wait until New Years Day but then I said to hell with it, no time is better than the present, so they say.

While it may seem insignificant to some, my friends list went from 220 when I started down to 167 when I finished. This included after the initial clean up going through my friends list twice afterwards with a fine curb just to be sure.

Friends I have deleted include:

– A local girl who said she’d love to have drinks with me the ‘ next time I see her out ‘ and then is never seen out locally ever again. I am too old for that nonsense thank you very much.
– People I knew from college who I have simply drifted apart from. It happens, I understand. Most of them were ignorant anyway.
– People I met on a trip aboard many years ago. Very little chance I’ll ever meet them again.
– People who have moved on with their lives in a direction I’m not keen on. Nothing bad here, more around the lines of ‘ settling and having a family before your 25 ‘ type of thing. I don’t see myself even remotely thinking about settling until I’m in my 30s.

A part of me didn’t want to this but I kept reminding myself this: ‘ The past is over, its time to move on and forget this people. May they have nice lives but there is no point holding onto them as reminders of the past – move onwards and forwards! ‘ Hence, I did it.

That was my main reason I did it – I’m fed up of living the past and wish to simply move forward. The past is done, its time to look ahead and enjoy the present. This is the whole point of this blog, a place to bring out my ideas on about lifestyle design AND keep myself accountable for my own progress in building a better life for myself.

Besides, if any of the people I deleted actually do still care about me, they’ll be able to find me and refriend me if need be. If not, no loss. I somehow don’t think they’ll care enough about seeking me out, I’ll be very surprised if they did, though.

How do I feel now? Odd and maybe little sad but I knew is was a necessary. Like I said, I want to move on fully and begin living in the present. So in the long run, I’ll be glad I did it.

Letting go of your past is important to move on in life. Hell my title icon in Street Fighter 4 is ‘ The Past is Over ‘ emphaising the point I really don’t want to live in the pasy anymore. Its ok to think back about the past but if you doing it too much, theres a problem.

Yes, I know I screwed up on that trip in 2004, stop beating yourself up over it! It made you into who you are, someone who questions the point of a load of rules that more often than not, will HINDER you if try following them! Things like that I need to snap out and just live in the present as much as possible!
So, I now promise myself to not living the past anymore, to live in the present. The present is after all, all that I can control.

And seeing that my next post isn’t until the 27th, I would like to wish all my readers here a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas. May all you have more love and happiness than you can handle!


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