On Winning & Taking Part

The Fighting Game community that I’m a part runs monthly tournaments where the top 3 people get a cash prize. I am more than happy to not just take part but contribute in any way I can, be it bringing a console for people to play on, helping with camera work, organising the layout of the room, things like that.


I never expect to win money from going to these tournaments, the main reason I go is for the community spirit as well as bettering myself as a player so that I can possibily one day win some money. Point is, its not that I wouldn’t mind winning, its just not something I try and obsess over.


Some of my peers on the other hand, are ALL about winning. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that focusing all your engery on something in order to win can be good at times but even then, it could be years before you see results. Some people want to see results yesterday ( I believe Army recruit camps go by this principle! ) They also think that if your not winning, there is no point in taking part in the first place!


On the other hand, I’m sure you all familar with the phrase ‘ Its not the winning, its the taking part that counts. ‘ Yes, I’m sure its all well and good but there is one little problem with that phrase, it generally has negative conetations! Think about it, when was the last time you heard that phrase, was it when you lost badly at something? Its a phrase used to make you feel better for losing at something which is why I feel its a negative.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for competitiveness ( it encourages you to get better ) but you should never be satisifed with losing. HOWEVER, you shouldn’t obsess about winning to the point it becomes destructive. There is a very fine line between this and dedication.


It is alright to dedicated to something by all means go ahead BUT please don’t turn into an obsession. More often than not, it can be destructive!


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