On Embarrassment

We have all done some rather silly and irresponsible things. We’re only human after all. This is what makes us interesting and unique. Some of the things are the type that make you feel like you want to die of embarrassment while some tend to be a little more serious.

We have all done embrassing things. Hell, the reason I’m doing this is because I’m thinking of my ‘ oh god why ‘ moments when I was ahem…. under the influence. Ha! The worst that happened by was getting shot down by a some lady! And he’s me thinking its the end of the world.

The world is still going and in the context of everything, no one is going to really care in future for those silly little things. That is something I need to overcome myself. Life goes on, things will change. Hell, its not like I do this every weekend any more to begin with!

The main message I want to convey is that embarassment is fine and in reality you’ll get over it fairly quickly. Don’t sweat it, buddy!


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