Fighting For Your Inner Child

Once again, another post based on a speech I wrote for toastmasters! This topic is a bit more personal to me this time, talking about how how we should hold to the child like wonder and excitement as we get older, in spite of what society tells us otherwise.

Who here remembers Christmas as a child? Back then, Christmas was by far the most exciting and magical time of year. Why? Becase Santa was going to bring you lots of toys ( or coal if you were naughty! ) I remember one early Christmas morning screaming the whole house awake because I couldn’t put a trailer back onto a toy truck I’d gotten off Santa! I did this more than once that night, too!

As a child, the world seemed full of endless possiblites. There was no limit to what you could do. You were full of life, full of wonder, full of joy. Your imagination knew no bounds. A simple box could have being a means to send yourself to the moon or put you on TV ( to the dismay of parents who brought the toy that was in that box! ) Simply put, you felt unstoppable and nothing would stand in your way.

But then, something happened. You can’t quite explain it at first. People begin telling you that you need to grow up. That you can’t do this or that thing anymore. Its too childish. ‘ Stop playing around in the mud, you’ll get dirty! ‘ they tell you. You begin getting clothes at Christmas instead of toys. Slowly, you begin to lose the innocence and wonder that goes with being a child.

Instead, you begin to think that being cold, angry and miserable is the norm. If you were to read a newspaper or watch the news, its practically encouraged! You can’t be a child anymore, grow up, be an adult! Be responsible. Do what your told… or else! You see all of these messages. What will you do? Will you end up rebelling and causing trouble or do you pull down you pants and just take it?

To be truthful, this is an issue close to my heart as I was on the recieivng end of this when I was younger. Its was quite sudden and rather extreme as well. I was told I couldn’t do this or that thing anymore. It was too childish and that I would have to grow up. Be a man.

The problem was that I didn’t like what I was seeing. From what I saw, being a man involved working ridiculous hours in a job you probably hate, vegetate in front of a TV when you got home and then at the weekends go out and get ridiculously drunk because you ‘ deserved a break. ‘ People behind the advertising of alcohol definately got something right if that is what people think is the norm!

I was looking at all this and asked myself ‘ Why? ‘ I simply wondered why I should be forced to abandon what made me happy as a child just because I passed a certain age? Was I too old? Were people around me just trying to fit expections? ‘ It will be easier if you just submit. ‘ No one ever speaks those words aloud but deep down, that is what I think many people are doing.

I believe that you should always stay in touch with your inner child. A person who loses touch with thier inner child typically ends up as one of the endless drones you see day in and day out everywhere. Dull, boring, uninteresting. They hate their jobs and they probably hate their lives as well. I simply do not wish this fate on myself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that we all to an extent, need to grow up. I strive to be independent. I am capable of looking after others as well as myself. I want a family one day in the future and I want to be sure that I can be there for them. However, even when you face the responsibilites of an adult, you should let your inner child out as much as possible.

If more people were like this, I think the world would be a more colourful, exicitng and peaceful place. People would be more interesting to be around, everyone would be happier. I wish for a playful world, I believe it would solve a lot of our problems. A child does not hate, does not judge – All they see is a potential playmate, for example.

So, I say go and build sand castles on the beach. Sleep with a teddy by your side if that is whats you happy. Watch cartoons on television ( well, anything is better than Jeremy Kyle! ) Do all these childish things and If others look at you disapprovingly and exclaim ‘ Thats childish! ‘ ‘ Grow the hell up! ‘ Look them in the eye, smile and simply reply back ‘ I am one of the happiest people I know, what about you!? ‘


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