A Response To A Call Out From Niall Doherty or Why I Still Suck at Fighting Games ( and What I Am Going To Do About It )

This an expanded version of my response to the latest post over on Niall Doherty’s Disrupting the Rabblement and as such is being done on the fly. I am posting this here to make myself more accountable for my actions.

A few months ago, just as I was really starting to get into this whole life style design thing, Niall Doherty of Disrupting the Rabblement made a post asking to share our biggest most ridiculous goals. As I’m a bit of a fighting game enthusiast, I knew my goal would be related to that: Here is my comment from that post in full:

My biggest, most ridiculous goal?

Its so big and ridiculous, that I’ve placed in my head, one step above the number 1 goal item in my list, you could call it goal #0, if you may.

Anyways, the goal is to win SvB ( Super Verus Battle ) , Evo and SBO ( Super Battle Opera ) – all in the same year. Before you all look at me confused and wondering what I’m on about – They are all fighting video game tournaments. Namely the 3 biggest majors – One based in Europe ( SvB ) one based in America ( Evo ) and one based in Japan ( SBO. )

The standard is extremely high ( especially in the Japanese one ) and most people would be content with winning just one of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would be very Happy to win even one of them but achieving this goal would be a very nice bonus. My standard is no where near the best players in the fighting game scene ( YET ) but hey, let me dream and let me imagine that impossible is nothing!

That all said, I am well aware that my biggest most ridiculous goal could change in the next few years. This is a sort of goal that I if I don’t achieve, its no big deal, ( I have plenty of other neat goals to achieve as well ) I have made a ton of great friends from my time in the Irish fighting game scene already. Not that I’m selling myself short here but its just food for my mind and they say its all about the journey, not the destination.

A few things have happened since then, an incident involving the poor treatment of international players at SBO took place which on top of other issues relating to the event, have put me off really wanting to ever go to SBO. I’m not saying this as a way to cop myself out, I simply DO NOT wish to be part of event where it is clear the organizers have no real clue what is going on and are only doing it for the money, thank you!

Anyway, in Niall’s latest post, he called out on several people based on comments from that post, including me! My intial reaction to this:


Yeah, I like other people don’t like getting called out like that! It was very awkward but at the same it was refreshing. Not really used to being called like this on the internet, at least it wasn’t for something stupid! 😉

Anyway seeing, that I’m here, I might as well as paste the comment I left here:

Oh god, I like everyone else, don’t like being called out like this, ha! Here is me cringing when you started on the calls out in the video!

Anyway, unfortunately, I don’t have good news to report. I have crashed out badly at the few tournaments I was it. One occasion was so bad for me, I was letting myself get really pissed off and that isn’t exactly a healthy response to a bad situation now, is it?

It seems like I hit a bit of a wall recently. Truth be told, I haven’t really being practicing enough. I don’t many other people in the scene have being either for the simple reason the game we play is an unbalanced mess. So much so the developers have had to bring out a new version next month owing to complaints!

Still, that is not a reason for to next practice, I did spend some time practicing some small things but then wondering why I was still losing. So, was recently able to ask a top player online about this and gave me some blunt advice on me making notes on why I’m losing which I have applied when I watch back on matches I lose.

Like I said, I hit a bit of a wall recently but its one I wish to overcome and will overcome eventually.

Thanks for the call out, now you get back to learning Spanish! :P

Yeah, as you can see, I haven’t being keeping it up! In fact, I kind of regressed lately, which royally sucks. Anyway, seeing  that accountability is a good thing encouraged here – I am going to publicly set a related goal here to hold myself accountable.

By next May at the lastest – I will have won at least 1 local Fighting Game tournament.

I have no idea if I can do this – no wait, that is a defeatist attitude right there. I will do my up most to achieve this goal, which means a lot more practice for me and less mocking around.

But this only the start, reader. My next post, I intend to create myself a list of goals, one bigger than the others – maybe even stealing an idea from Man Vs Clock and set  a time limit. Till then, I will leave with this one.

Until next time




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  1. Love the time limit idea, Adrian. Nothing like a countdown to light a fire under our asses 🙂

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