Economic Woes – Do Not Panic

I feel the need to even if briefly address this issue, seeing that it is getting so much coverage these days. I try to avoid the news as much as possible but this keeps popping so I think I’ll speak about it.

Firstly and mostly importantly, don’t panic. Yes, its OK to be worried ( truth be told, I am as well to an extent ) but don’t let it turn into cold FEAR. The media is sensationalist, things aren’t as bad as they make you think it is, remember that.

Next, if the shit hits the fan ( the media makes you believe that it will be WHEN ) , then things can and will get better. Humanity will find a way through this as a whole. Maybe it will bring people closer together as they will come together to work out a way out of it.

Its all vastly exggaerated. Yes, we have felt the pinch to an extent but people generally just get on with thier lives as much as possible. You should too.

Community, not economics is what counts. Remember that.


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  1. Too many people panic about the economy and sell their stocks, or refuse to invest, or give up on the market entirely. Humans tend to project the present-day into the future: they think that because the economy is bad now, it will stay bad forever.

    In truth, the economy — and life as a whole — is like a roller coaster. Ride the highs and lows. Enjoy the ride.

    • That is actually all very true. On the flip side, I remember when times were good in Ireland, people were projecting that it would last forever and ignoring the naysayers, which isn’t good for anyone either.

      I remember the warnings and kept them in the back of my mind, hence why I am very reluctant now to taking out any form of loan or credit. I have no debt, this is at least a good thing.

      Also, on a side note, your roller coaster analogy reminded me of my signature I had on various sites for years when I was younger: ‘ Do things your own way. Ignore everyone else. It is YOUR journey of life. Enjoy the ride! ‘

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