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Fighting For Your Inner Child

Once again, another post based on a speech I wrote for toastmasters! This topic is a bit more personal to me this time, talking about how how we should hold to the child like wonder and excitement as we get older, in spite of what society tells us otherwise.

Who here remembers Christmas as a child? Back then, Christmas was by far the most exciting and magical time of year. Why? Becase Santa was going to bring you lots of toys ( or coal if you were naughty! ) I remember one early Christmas morning screaming the whole house awake because I couldn’t put a trailer back onto a toy truck I’d gotten off Santa! I did this more than once that night, too!

As a child, the world seemed full of endless possiblites. There was no limit to what you could do. You were full of life, full of wonder, full of joy. Your imagination knew no bounds. A simple box could have being a means to send yourself to the moon or put you on TV ( to the dismay of parents who brought the toy that was in that box! ) Simply put, you felt unstoppable and nothing would stand in your way.

But then, something happened. You can’t quite explain it at first. People begin telling you that you need to grow up. That you can’t do this or that thing anymore. Its too childish. ‘ Stop playing around in the mud, you’ll get dirty! ‘ they tell you. You begin getting clothes at Christmas instead of toys. Slowly, you begin to lose the innocence and wonder that goes with being a child.

Instead, you begin to think that being cold, angry and miserable is the norm. If you were to read a newspaper or watch the news, its practically encouraged! You can’t be a child anymore, grow up, be an adult! Be responsible. Do what your told… or else! You see all of these messages. What will you do? Will you end up rebelling and causing trouble or do you pull down you pants and just take it?

To be truthful, this is an issue close to my heart as I was on the recieivng end of this when I was younger. Its was quite sudden and rather extreme as well. I was told I couldn’t do this or that thing anymore. It was too childish and that I would have to grow up. Be a man.

The problem was that I didn’t like what I was seeing. From what I saw, being a man involved working ridiculous hours in a job you probably hate, vegetate in front of a TV when you got home and then at the weekends go out and get ridiculously drunk because you ‘ deserved a break. ‘ People behind the advertising of alcohol definately got something right if that is what people think is the norm!

I was looking at all this and asked myself ‘ Why? ‘ I simply wondered why I should be forced to abandon what made me happy as a child just because I passed a certain age? Was I too old? Were people around me just trying to fit expections? ‘ It will be easier if you just submit. ‘ No one ever speaks those words aloud but deep down, that is what I think many people are doing.

I believe that you should always stay in touch with your inner child. A person who loses touch with thier inner child typically ends up as one of the endless drones you see day in and day out everywhere. Dull, boring, uninteresting. They hate their jobs and they probably hate their lives as well. I simply do not wish this fate on myself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that we all to an extent, need to grow up. I strive to be independent. I am capable of looking after others as well as myself. I want a family one day in the future and I want to be sure that I can be there for them. However, even when you face the responsibilites of an adult, you should let your inner child out as much as possible.

If more people were like this, I think the world would be a more colourful, exicitng and peaceful place. People would be more interesting to be around, everyone would be happier. I wish for a playful world, I believe it would solve a lot of our problems. A child does not hate, does not judge – All they see is a potential playmate, for example.

So, I say go and build sand castles on the beach. Sleep with a teddy by your side if that is whats you happy. Watch cartoons on television ( well, anything is better than Jeremy Kyle! ) Do all these childish things and If others look at you disapprovingly and exclaim ‘ Thats childish! ‘ ‘ Grow the hell up! ‘ Look them in the eye, smile and simply reply back ‘ I am one of the happiest people I know, what about you!? ‘


The Goals & Challenges of Infinity

Challenge Accepted

Hey people, how are you all keeping!? Well, after getting called out by Niall last week, I said that I would make a follow-up post to my impromptu one from last week and well, here I am!

As I said, I was going to be listing a few of my goals. This goals will be for the next year from today ( Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 ) I will start with the one I posted about last week and work from there.

Goal 1: Win at least 1 Fighting Game tournament by the end of May 2012

This one is I mentioned last week. I need to work on my fighting game skills to bring them up to a level that is acceptable, possibly change characters in the process in order to do so ( sorry Juri ) but alas, I’m hungry and want to achieve this whatever it takes!

Goal 2: Find a source of income

I won’t lie, my current source of income is social welfare! Before all of you breath down my neck going ‘ get a job you lazy fuck! ‘ don’t, I’ve heard dozens of times before it this stage and I’m only on it about 6 months! Anyway, I’m no waster and have being saving most of it every week with intentions to travel.

BUT…. I want to see if I want to find a source of income that is better than that. Even if it means in the short-term working some god-awful job with antisocial hours then so be it. That said, I’ll also see if I find other ways to make some money before resorting to that.

Goal 3: Finish the Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual

I have being a member of Toastmasters since June of this year. For those who are wondering, Toastmasters is an international group where people come together and give speeches with the aim of improving themselves and all that jazz.

I am currently working my way though the initial Competent Communicator Manual at a good pace and hope to have all 10 projects done within it by the end of the 2011 / 2012 season.

Goal 4: Become more frugal

Closely tied in with my source of income goal, this one simply involves me learning to make do with less money. I fully believe it will be possible for me to live on 30 Euro or less a week while I save. This will involve some sacrifices but it will be worth it in the end.

I plan on having one last blow out for the month of December this year ( with presents, some clothes and going out ) but come January, I will be in full-time frugal mode.

Goal 5: Get rid of Possessions

I am not talking minimalism here: I simply wish to downsize to a manageable amount of possessions. This will involve clearing out my wardrobe, throwing out and / selling / or giving away stuff I don’t use any more to create less clutter in my life.

Goal 6 – The Big One: Go to Australia aka Operation Getaway

This is the big one. The grand finale. All of the other items on the list lead up to this one. The core goal that merits me taking inspiration from Man Vs Clock and setting a public timer on it. All of the goals above lead into this one. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time ( talking like at least 5 years here ) and now I am determined to finally do it. This also explains the timer I added to the blog recently.

The aim – Be either in Australia or on my way there by November 22nd, 2012 at the very latest. Swap the shitty Irish weather for sunshine, beaches and all that jazz. It’s not gonna be cheap but should everything go to plan, it will all be worth it in the end!

And so there you have it, 6 goals. One year. I believe they are all perfectly achievable. This is only the start. Again, inspired by Man Vs Clock, I will be setting myself comfort zone challenges with set time limits. I already have one in mind but I won’t be posting that one until early in the new year.

Until then, lets bring it on!

A Response To A Call Out From Niall Doherty or Why I Still Suck at Fighting Games ( and What I Am Going To Do About It )

This an expanded version of my response to the latest post over on Niall Doherty’s Disrupting the Rabblement and as such is being done on the fly. I am posting this here to make myself more accountable for my actions.

A few months ago, just as I was really starting to get into this whole life style design thing, Niall Doherty of Disrupting the Rabblement made a post asking to share our biggest most ridiculous goals. As I’m a bit of a fighting game enthusiast, I knew my goal would be related to that: Here is my comment from that post in full:

My biggest, most ridiculous goal?

Its so big and ridiculous, that I’ve placed in my head, one step above the number 1 goal item in my list, you could call it goal #0, if you may.

Anyways, the goal is to win SvB ( Super Verus Battle ) , Evo and SBO ( Super Battle Opera ) – all in the same year. Before you all look at me confused and wondering what I’m on about – They are all fighting video game tournaments. Namely the 3 biggest majors – One based in Europe ( SvB ) one based in America ( Evo ) and one based in Japan ( SBO. )

The standard is extremely high ( especially in the Japanese one ) and most people would be content with winning just one of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would be very Happy to win even one of them but achieving this goal would be a very nice bonus. My standard is no where near the best players in the fighting game scene ( YET ) but hey, let me dream and let me imagine that impossible is nothing!

That all said, I am well aware that my biggest most ridiculous goal could change in the next few years. This is a sort of goal that I if I don’t achieve, its no big deal, ( I have plenty of other neat goals to achieve as well ) I have made a ton of great friends from my time in the Irish fighting game scene already. Not that I’m selling myself short here but its just food for my mind and they say its all about the journey, not the destination.

A few things have happened since then, an incident involving the poor treatment of international players at SBO took place which on top of other issues relating to the event, have put me off really wanting to ever go to SBO. I’m not saying this as a way to cop myself out, I simply DO NOT wish to be part of event where it is clear the organizers have no real clue what is going on and are only doing it for the money, thank you!

Anyway, in Niall’s latest post, he called out on several people based on comments from that post, including me! My intial reaction to this:


Yeah, I like other people don’t like getting called out like that! It was very awkward but at the same it was refreshing. Not really used to being called like this on the internet, at least it wasn’t for something stupid! 😉

Anyway seeing, that I’m here, I might as well as paste the comment I left here:

Oh god, I like everyone else, don’t like being called out like this, ha! Here is me cringing when you started on the calls out in the video!

Anyway, unfortunately, I don’t have good news to report. I have crashed out badly at the few tournaments I was it. One occasion was so bad for me, I was letting myself get really pissed off and that isn’t exactly a healthy response to a bad situation now, is it?

It seems like I hit a bit of a wall recently. Truth be told, I haven’t really being practicing enough. I don’t many other people in the scene have being either for the simple reason the game we play is an unbalanced mess. So much so the developers have had to bring out a new version next month owing to complaints!

Still, that is not a reason for to next practice, I did spend some time practicing some small things but then wondering why I was still losing. So, was recently able to ask a top player online about this and gave me some blunt advice on me making notes on why I’m losing which I have applied when I watch back on matches I lose.

Like I said, I hit a bit of a wall recently but its one I wish to overcome and will overcome eventually.

Thanks for the call out, now you get back to learning Spanish! :P

Yeah, as you can see, I haven’t being keeping it up! In fact, I kind of regressed lately, which royally sucks. Anyway, seeing  that accountability is a good thing encouraged here – I am going to publicly set a related goal here to hold myself accountable.

By next May at the lastest – I will have won at least 1 local Fighting Game tournament.

I have no idea if I can do this – no wait, that is a defeatist attitude right there. I will do my up most to achieve this goal, which means a lot more practice for me and less mocking around.

But this only the start, reader. My next post, I intend to create myself a list of goals, one bigger than the others – maybe even stealing an idea from Man Vs Clock and set  a time limit. Till then, I will leave with this one.

Until next time



Economic Woes – Do Not Panic

I feel the need to even if briefly address this issue, seeing that it is getting so much coverage these days. I try to avoid the news as much as possible but this keeps popping so I think I’ll speak about it.

Firstly and mostly importantly, don’t panic. Yes, its OK to be worried ( truth be told, I am as well to an extent ) but don’t let it turn into cold FEAR. The media is sensationalist, things aren’t as bad as they make you think it is, remember that.

Next, if the shit hits the fan ( the media makes you believe that it will be WHEN ) , then things can and will get better. Humanity will find a way through this as a whole. Maybe it will bring people closer together as they will come together to work out a way out of it.

Its all vastly exggaerated. Yes, we have felt the pinch to an extent but people generally just get on with thier lives as much as possible. You should too.

Community, not economics is what counts. Remember that.

Laughing At Your Own Stupidity

Hey lovely people! Before I go any further, I’d like to let people that I intend on doing a post every Tuesday from here on in. If I don’t have a post up by late Tuesday, please call me out on it! Anyway, with that out of the way, back to our regular programming….

I don’t hide the fact that I’m not as socailly clued into things as some other people. In fact, I was the kid who preferred to play SNES more than anything else back in the day ( ha! I feel old for saying that! ) As a result, when I did try and get myself out there, I had a lot to learn about the socail dyanmics of the world. Simply put, I had to learn things the hard way.

As a result, I found myself doing an awful lot of stupid things to get there. Maybe it was for the attention, maybe because I wanted to feel a part of something. I was never one for fitting into one paradigm. I wasn’t scummy enough to be a scumbag, wasn’t scholarly adept enough to be a swot and wasn’t nerdy enough to be a nerd. That is what me unique and stand out the among the crowd but at the same time, it also led to me doing some rather embarrassing things.

The embarrassing things include breaking into a dance to trance music in the school assembly area in front of everyone during lunch break, getting so drunk I end up crying and having to be brought by to the hostel by someone I know and more recklessly, jumping into the deep end of swimming pool and not knowing how to swim!

That all said, one thing I DO have in droves is a sense of humor, a really silly one at that. So looking back at these cringe worthy times, I can find a way to turn it into a funny story and as such, laugh at my own stupdity.

I think this an almost essential skill to have. I’m not saying you need to be at Billy Connoly levels to be able to laugh at your stupidity but if your able to laugh at your own stupidity, then you have an excellent tool in your toolbox for coping with things.

Don’t get me wrong, there is an extent to where this can be used ( I don’t recommend funny stories being told too much at funerals ) but in most situations, its possible to brush off the suck and find a way to laugh at it.

It helps you smile which in turn will brighten your day and who knows, maybe other people will be entertained by the stories you will have from your misadventures as you journey through life.