On Change

In my time on this earth so far, I have seen a lot of things, the fall of the twin towers, the deaths of numerous famous figures ( and family members, ) the changing trends in music, fashion, art, tv, movies. Basically, I have seen a whole lot of change in this time, you could say.

However, it amazes the amount of people who give out when change happens! ‘ What, i costs how much now!? ‘ ‘ This game is too slow! ‘ ‘ I hate this type of music, when it did it become so popular all of a sudden!? ‘ Then you have thse same people going ‘ Back in my day, things better, games were better. ‘ Blah blah blah

I’m no stranger to resisiting change myself. I confess I’m a bit of a dance music fan, though mostly these days I listen to trance. Regardless, you could imagine back at the start of the 2000s, just as I was going into my teenaged years, when RnB & Rap completely took over in the mianstream, I was kind of less than impressed!

Heh, back then, I used to think it was the world conspiring against me and that it was a step down from what was there before ( I’ll leave the recent emergence of dubstep out of this methinks. ) Anyway, I resisted it greatly and it left me miserable for a while but I got over it, accepted it and realised that the what was popular now will not be popular forever, then there was fun to be had when I would joke ‘ Well, the next type of music to be popular will probably sound like noise! ‘ ( And then…. Dubstep! )

Point is, I got over myself and accepted the change. In fact, the older I got, the more open to change I became. Granted, I can still be a bit of a stubborn fecker when it comes to some things but I for one, am open to change in my life. Besides, living your life NOT expecting change is just plain insanity!

Seriously, a lot of people expect to live through thier lives without having thier routine, status quo or nice neat miserable shit upset. Its unrealistic, change is inevitable, the status quo will be upset permentaly. You should embrace the change rather than hide from it, that is what I say.


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  1. Dubstep? More like dub-arse.. Great Blog, I’ve read every post

  2. stefanie preissner

    God I love this blog, your writing touches me

  3. never mind ‘touches me’..i touch myself when i read this… i love it THAT much!!!

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