It’s Only The End of the World

The Following is based on a toastmasters speech I delivered on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011. I thought I would post it here as I make an observation about how our fear can dictate our lives, though I did it here in context of the whole ‘ End of the World ‘ nonsense.

The Stock markets are crashing, London is burning, bombs are flying everywhere, natural disasters are happening at increasing rates, people are revolting all over the world ( Arab Spring anyone? ) Things aren’t exactly looking too good in the world these days. You look at the state the world is in and wonder what the hell is going on. Then maybe, just maybe, you begin to think that the Mayans were right and that this is a sign that the world is indeed ending.


OK, OK, calm the hell down. Sure things are a bit chaotic in the world these days but let me get one thing straight – The world is not ending. Please, get that nonsense out of your head. I’m not saying that bad things are not going to happen ( or happening as we speak ) but we’re are not facing an extinction level event any time soon. Allow me to elaborate on this.

I think the first thing worth talking about is the last time a similar large scale ‘ end of the world ‘ event was forcasted. I’m talking about Y2K. This was simply a computer bug where on midnight of December 31st, 1999. Computers would think it was 1900 instead the year 2000. HOWEVER, the media completely blew this out of proportion, claiming that stock markets would crumble, that computers would blow up, planes would literally fall the sky and all other sorts of nasty stuff. Naturally, this led to people thinking the world would end and thats without even taking in account all the end of the world talk assoicated with the year 1999 to begin with!

BUT as we all now know, nothing happened, nothing feel out of the sky, no computers blew up. In short, the world did not end and the worst that happened was a few sick heads the next morning. The truth was it was a sick ploy by money grabbing companies to make a quick buck over people’s paranoia and it sadly worked. Hell, I fell for it myself as a gullible 14 year old but its make made sure I wouldn’t fall for something like that again.


Which brings us the next so called ‘ extinction level event ‘ – 2012. I am sure you have all heard of it by now, the Mayans predicted the world would end on December 21st of next year. Once again, the mainstream media are saying a lot of nasty stuff will happen, they even made a film about it!

do a faceplam

Its makes me wonder, do people remember Y2K at all and how much of a non event it was? I bet 2012 wil be similar. Now, I personally think something will happen next year, but not what the doomsayers talk of. I’m not sure of what but if your expecting the film 2012 to be played out for real, you will be very disappointed.

If think about it, one thing that seems to be assoicated with all this end of the world nonsense is fear. Fear is a natural human emotion. We fear the unknown and the change that comes with it. However, that same emotion is also open for abuse by the media. They WANT you to be living in fear, they want you to fear the world around you, to fear everyone, to the fear that the sky is going to fall. I think it all comes to down one thing – MONEY. Yes, the more you fear, the more you’ll spend to make yourself feel better.

Do not get me started on what people are willing to compromise on when they are living in fear, just look towards the ridiculous ‘ secuirty ‘ measures in America as an example of a fear based society gone mad. ( TSA Security mesaures at airports anyone? do a impression of putting on a glove ) What about the Dracoraion measures that are going to be brought into England over the riots, all because of the fear people now have because of it. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: ‘ They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. ‘ This applies to us all, not just America.

When you are in fear, be of terrorists or indeed the end of the world, you are not being yourself. Now don’t get me wrong, it is OK to be fearful sometimes, fear can be a great motivator at times. Fear and and the regrets associated to giving into it can really help people grow. However, to live in fear all the time is a poison, a delusion. Contrary to what you may think, you cannot thrive on fear, it will only serve to diminish you and those around you.

So, the main message I want to convey tonight is that world is not going to end any time soon, there is no need to be in fear. However, should I be wrong and the worst comes to be. I can assure that the human spirit is greater than any forces that will try to destroy it, we can and will find a way through it. So even in our worst hours, you will not need to cower in fear. The world is beautiful place. A chaotic, but beautiful place, explore it and make the most of what you have right now.


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