My Barcelona Adventure

The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, my own photo


Seeing that I wasn’t bothered to make people aware of my recent goings on, I was recently on a short trip to Spain, Barcelona specifically. The reason I did it was simple, because I could. I also wanted to test the waters and see what would happen if I was exposed to another culture, even if I did have to filter through tourist nonsense to get there. I just wanted to let myself go with the flow and see what I would get from it.

The short answer is – a lot. The long answer, well, sit down and relax, this might take a while.

I literally only booked this a little over 2 weeks before I went. While I like the idea of planning ahead somewhat, I don’t like doing it too soon as I tend to be a spontaneous person and would probably read up too much if I did and spoil it for myself. That said, the most of read about Barcelona was a load of scaremongering articles about pick pockets. My thoughts after being there, yes, there is a problem with them there but its vastly exaggerated. If you ask me, if you go around with one of those front pooches – your just making yourself a sitting duck for them. I never had any trouble with my wallet or other belongings – and I walked back to my hostel on my own – steaming drunk from a pub crawl!

Of course, I did some tourist things, like go on some walking tours ( The Gaudai one is to be recommended if at all possible ) bus tours, visited some places of historical interest ( not recommended doing so with a hangover, I thought I was going to drop dead in the Catalan History museum after going there following a night out before! ) as well as the more fun, like the aforementioned pub crawls and meeting with random people in the hostel and drinking cheap booze. There was also the beach, which was right next to my hostel which was a plus!

Of course, I sampled some Spanish cuisine, Tapas were nice and Paella was excellent. Sangria smelt like vinegar when I first sniffed it but is actually a really nice and sweet drink – hits you hard like a motherfucker, though! Truth be told, I was expecting to spit out at least something because it tasted foul – I did – but it was based on conventional cuisine I’m used to at home! Man, I’d gobble the Spanish cuisine up, it was that good!

If there is one thing on a personal level that I brought home with me its that you should keep hope alive. I mean on a level of relationships. I met someone who I felt on a level we like kindred spirits, too bad she had a BF already though ( FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU… ) but yeah, it gave me the impression that there really is someone for everyone out there and also reinforced the notion that if I am to find that someone for me, I will have to up and leave Ireland to do so.

Now, before all the Irish women get righteous on me, don’t. I could easily meet someone tomorrow that will blow me away and change my mind in the process, I’m just saying what I think based on my experiences but that’s another topic for another day.

Anyway, twas a good trip, an eye opener for me and I would return again – maybe even to live there!

Sunrise over a Barcelona Beach

Photo of the Sunrise over the Barceloneta Beach the morning I arrived


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  1. Good stuff, Adrian. I’ll definitely be checking out Barcelona next time I get to Spain. Methinks I’d like that place a lot. If you end up living there, any chance of a couch?


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