Life….. Remixed!

I am a big fan of what remixes in music, preferably of the dance and trance kind. Well, today while crawling through the net for some remixes I came across a nice little remix of Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog. The only review of the song was someone complaining that the track was ‘ too remixed. ‘

Wait…. what!? You are complaining that a remix is too remixed!? That’s what I like about remixes, that they take the original song and give a fresh new vibe and feel ( in fact, some of my favourite songs are in fact remixes ) but I digress.

‘ But Adrian, what the hell has this got to do with lifestyle and philosophy!? ‘ You cry. Hold your horses, I’m getting there. What this made me think is that conventional life is what you would call the ‘ original mix ‘ , you know that place where you conform, go to school, get a boring ass job in some place you probably hate, marry, get a vastly overpriced house in some suburbs, have kids, retire then die. For some, that is good enough for them but we have to respect the original mix, for it where all the remixes will spawn from.

Now, a remix on the other hand is where you take the original and turn upside, flip it around and make it your own. Like I said, I generally prefer remixes to the original song! When you remix your life, you say no to convention and decide to do things your own way.

What does a remixed life consist of? Any god damn thing you want. You don’t have to play by convention anymore. You could produce a remix that is similar to the original or go all out and turn it into something vastly different. You remix could be about journeys, adventures, playfulness, do it your own way attitude. Whatever it is, it is important to make it your own, take what you want from he original or you could even go ‘scratch ‘ ( This is where you remix a song without using any of the elements from the original ) and make it even more you!

To be fair, we have all done some remixing, one more or another but many of us fall back to the original mix, thinking that it is the ‘ only ‘ way as everyone is telling us as we are wrong and that we need to grow up and get some cop on. NOTHING is worse than a remix that ends abruptly. In fact, I hate that in music! I could be bopping away to a remix then it ends abruptly and I’m disgusted!

Some my message here is to remix your life, that is what we all want to do and I want to do as well. So I think it might be my blogs tagline from here in as it screams out to us to be original and go our own way in life!


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